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About Us

Janak Handloom, a name that reflects quality, was established in year 2003 with  very basic bedsheets collection and gradually by 2004, all the major beds linen brands of India were introduced in the store.

Today, we have all leading brands in our store. 

We provide solutions for customised bed sheets, designer bedcovers, curtains and cushions, table covers etc. as per your requirements for large or small beds/ tables on special request.  

Our experience in fabric handling is more than 100 years. Its been passed on to us through generations of fabric trading which has helped us to understand the fabric and its technical aspects in a better way.

Also, we try to go deeper into the textiles, prints and design knowledge, which help us to select finest fabrics and designs for our clients and customers. 

We, as responsible retailers, try to educate and help our customers to know about the fabrics, its thread count and the finishing process and treatment a fabric is given, choosing the right sizes of bedsheets for their beds 

Our main focus is to provide premium quality bedsheets, bedcovers, blankets, Towels, table covers and more.. to our clients as per their needs and sizes they require. 

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